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I would be very careful with such statements.
I've listed a couple of live performances in my response above. I use those because they are very well recorded. I never heard those particular songs live myself but I know how the CD sounds. So, I'm not "comparing them" to the actual live performance.
To me it is all about the recording quality. And in that regards, I would never exclude live performances (if they are well recorded).

On another note, some people are referring to good recordings when they aren't dynamically compressed (too much).
To me that is only one aspect of "the well recorded" album or track. In my opinion there are other parameters to take into account before I stick my "good recorded label" on a CD or track. How the recording as been mixed, how the different vocals and instruments have been EQ'ed, etc. In a previous life I've mixed quite some PA sessions and that's probably why I'm looking for those things as well.
I've just out for that one should use some records with a foot in reality .
There is nothing wrong with the rest of the selection of well recorded recordings with good dynamics and wide frequency content et al. They surely gives the speaker some excercise.
Compare speakers by how others speakers sound can quickly get confusing similar to http://seanolive.blogspot.se/2009/10...confusion.html

Btw , my comment about complex and slightly loud music it has a meaning even if you normally listen quieter .
Power compression sets in early in some speakers it will affect everything especially dynamic music when the avarage level is low but peaks could be higher. Or if it has really low or complex bass passages .

It's not easy to,pick speakers one gets used to how ones current pair sounds over time in the room.
Try to move and your in for a fun surprise it's not the same the first couple of days .