Two quick questions for anyone that has used Total Recorder unattended
to generate files for their Squeezebox:

Background: I'm running scheduled jobs under WinXP-SP2 with Total
Recorder 5.0 Professional ("TR") to capture webcasts, transcode the
webcasts to MP3 and place the resulting files in specified directories.
Those directories are subfolders of the Slimserver music folder. The
computer capturing the webcasts with TR also runs Slimserver, and my
goal is to have this process be unattended. I have two stumbling

1. I would like to have the target directories periodically and
automatically purged of files older than a specified number of days.
Write a script, or is there freeware out there that will do this for
me? (NaSa's ePurge seems to work, but slowed my system way, way down.)

2. Is there anything out there that will - unattended and scheduled -
take an MP3 file and amend the ID3 tag based on the filename? TR does
a decent job of generating ID3 tags, but doesn't appear to have any
facility for generating different ID3 tags based on, for instance,
date. What I have now are files in the form "YYYYMMDD - Show
Name.mp3", but each ID3 tag is identical. (Largely because we have our
Squeezebox set to display Title - Artist - Album when browsing, I would
really like the "Title" fields for each file to reflect the YYYYMMDD
date of the recording.)

Sorry for the lengthy post, and thanks for your attention.

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