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    Squeezebox + Airplay + Bluetooth inputs

    I currently have a duet and a boom and use ipeng playback. I have considered switching to sonos but managed to resist the urge for a few years. I want to put ceiling speakers in several rooms and have a squeezebox feed to each of them and so thought that raspberry pis with iqaudio amp hats would be the way to go, as I can hide the pis Away and control them via ipeng. However I would also like to have the option to connect an iPhone to them via airplay and an echo dot via Bluetooth. Are there any solutions that might provide this? Given that the pis will be headless apart from something like ipeng the only potential solution I have come up with is if there are squeezebox add ons that will turn a Bluetooth or airplay feed into something that can be streamed by squeezservers. Any help, or out of the box ideas would be appreciated.

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    Hi Steve,
    Check out our Bluetooth plugin! You can use it either to pair a BT speaker for Squeezelite or to stream from a smartphone or tablet directly to Squeezelite or to the LMS.

    Here's a video I did on its functionality (creates a BT channel in the LMS):

    For AirPlay, you can just use shairtunes2.

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