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    convert.conf command conditional on incoming sampling rate

    The below works on Linux. Not sure if it could be made to work on Windows.

    [flac] -dcs $START$ $END$ -- $FILE$ | [tee] /tmp/lms-track | ( sleep 0.5; if test $( [soxi] -r /tmp/lms-track ) -gt 48000; then bandwidth=74; else bandwidth=89; fi; [sox] -q -t flac - -t flac -C 0 - rate -v -b $bandwidth 192k dither )

    If the file has a sampling rate of over 48kHz, then use 74% bandwidth setting when re-sampling, otherwise use 89%.

    My actual convert.conf commands are different and much bigger than above, BTW. The above is strictly to demonstrate the conditional technique. (You probably want some attenuation in there before resampling, for one.)
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