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It is often the retired old men in their 70s having to much time and love themself posting long stories of how high bitrate and less ringing at high samplerates is so much better. Lately i realized one very stubburn person posting in different forums is 75 years old with sound panels that max out below 20kHz. The claims follow pretty much the marketing speech or the words of other old men writing in the audiophile press these days. He must have build strong believes over the years. There are many it seems.
I doubt that my HF hearing limit is anywhere near 20kHz at age 62!

But I do try to stay as open-minded as possible, and usually find the company of my adult daughters' friends preferable to the majority of my own generation. I try to keep learning new stuff, it takes my mind off the discomfort of my arthritic spine...

On a lighter note, a big plus for Bowers & Wilkins Customer Service: they've just turned around the repair of the PV1 subwoofer I bought s/hand in 2009 in less than a week from my receipt of appropriate packaging from them (couldn't fit the original box in the boot of my MX-5) to next day collection of the loaded package back to them, fixing it & couriering it back to me, all for their minimum out-of-warranty charge of ú110. They have already sent me two new 5m speaker level cables with their weird (RJ45?) connectors attached at no cost. I don't think I can complain about that, given the money I've saved by buying s/hand in the first place.

Although I sincerely doubt that I'll be able to detect any stereo soundstage at the frequencies they handle (they're configured to fit in with the -6dB mechanical roll-off of my 805S stand-mounts), having two subwoofers in different positions should definitely improve the speaker to room interaction, and each one should on average only be driven half as hard so hopefully they'll last longer. And it's going to look a lot prettier to have one at the base of each stand rather than a single one plonked on the floor mid-way between them. Happy days.