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    Hi Pippin,

    Quote Originally Posted by pippin View Post
    I used this one:

    I didn't really want to give a recommendation in the article because these products are usually pretty short lived so if someone reads this 6 months from now the exact same power bank might no longer be available or the vendor might sell a changed product under the same name. Happens all the time...
    i'm looking for a powerbank, too.
    I still did not find one, which does not need a button to be pressed.
    I tried several, but they all need a button to be pressed for startup.

    How exactly did you solve this problem?

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    replying to my own question:

    i bought this one: http://amzn.to/2sx11DK
    It powers up if i plug in an external power source for charging ...

    So all i need is an additional small 5V supply to wake the powerbank?
    This could get very messy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zerosub View Post
    This could get very messy.
    Most likely?!

    I am using this one without problems, (there was a special offer, so i decided to try it out for 8 Euros ) https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01...?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    Lumsing 10000mAh externe Akku, kleine und leichte Powerbank, ultra kompakt fŘr iPhone Samsung S6 Edge HTC Smartphones Tablets -Wei▀
    von Lumsing«

    I t seems, it is not in stock anymore....
    So we should try one powerbank from a brand, like anker or so, that we can by it for a longer time...
    I need also more, tomorrow there is one on sale at aldi sŘd (in germany), i try that, or perhaps one from xiaomi....

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    Alternative hardware to build the same set

    Thanks Pippin for your sharing and documenting efforts of your build.

    As I love small amps and PCP sets, I have quite some google experience on what is available.
    And quite some experience with 2 running sets based on the discontinued cirrus logic audio card.

    To all of you I would suggest to look into the phat-beat from pimoroni too, as it also comes with a small 2-times-3-watt-amp and more.
    Some pros would be :
    the un-soldered female gpio plug to allow even smaller or versatile hardware setups.
    the pre build buttons to start-pause-power-skip and change volume etc.
    the option to add your own buttons if the pre-mounted ones are not fitting your needs.
    the option to use the apa102 leds to signal out, including VU meters if you feel up to it.

    On the other side, I have not seen PCP support for MAX98357A ( single or dual ) jet, but if that is solved you have got a cheap option to add a lot with 1 board. Please respond if you know more on this MAX98357A support.

    I myself will add rotary control to my builds too. As there is no substitute for the comfort of a physical knob you can rotate fast or slow to your needs.
    and this should be very well possible in parallel to other options like web-gui, IR , buttons and touchscreens. Thank you for your work on that software part !

    For the power issue I am looking into the small UPS circuits boards from the far east ( often misspelled as USP if you google ).
    It should allow to power/charge a lithium cell , or set of cells, while also boosting the 3.x volts back to 5 volts for the pi and amp to run on.
    But as most claim to be 'up to 2 amps' and it needs to power pi and amp , I best test it myself before calling it a viable option.
    When tested I will come up with some feedback.

    Warning: experimenting with high energy batteries can result in unexpected results, fire and explosions are not impossible.
    And old school fuse is much cheaper than a blast from your fire extinguisher !

    Greetz M-H

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    Hi there, I'm working on rebuilding the Tivoli Dual Alarm configuration of Riccardo Raponi (https://www.hifiberry.com/build/guid...alarm-speaker/)
    which should be similar to the version discussed here. Does the speaker need extra power? I attached a Raspberry Pi Zero W + HifiBerry MiniAmp to the speaker cables but there is no sound.
    Regards, macpac

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