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    IRBlaster functionality from Raspberry Pi/Squeezelite using LIRC transmitter

    I have seen others talk about this feature previously but haven't found a solution, despite extensive searching through the forums.

    I have been using an old SB3 with an IR transmitter and the IRBlaster plugin to control my old Denon amplifier (power on/off and audio input selection) for many years. I use the same amplifier for audio output from a mythtv frontend and have recently switched the mythtv box over to a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Hifiberry DIGI+ card. Since the optical connection to the amplifier is already there, and since the Pi is running all the time anyway, I thought it would make sense to install Squeezelite on the Pi and use that for audio streaming through this amplifier instead of the SB3.

    I already have a USB-MCE IR receiver/transmitter set up with LIRC on the Pi to control my mythtv, and I am able to use "irsend" to control the power state and audio input of the amplifier with my old IR transmitter cable (the one I now use with the SB3 and IRBlaster). The question is how to get LMS to trigger the LIRC irsend commands when the Squeezelite instance on the Pi is turned on and off. (My LMS is running on a remote server, by the way, although I don't think that should matter.) The IRBlaster plugin worked perfectly with my SB3, and I have looked through the IRBlaster code to see if there would be an easy way to tweak it to get it to work with Squeezelite. I'm not a programmer, so I have no idea how to do that, but all I really need is a script to send a couple irsend commands through the Pi LIRC transmitter when the Squeezelite player goes on and off. Should be simple. Suggestions?

    By the way, many thanks to everyone who has kept the LMS platform running over the years--I think it is still the best! I have recently discovered the whole Raspberry Pi world and am having great fun building new players with Squeezelite and PiCorePlayer--great stuff!

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