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    Announce: squeeze-alexa - DIY secure Alexa integration

    As announced in the post https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...-skill-for-LMS, I have created a certified skill for controlling LMS via the JSONRPC interface. The installation instructions provided in the section server configuration of the online documentation https://smartskills.tech/mediaserver/ describe how ngrok can be used for a really simple reverse-tunnel setup that's very secure because the ngrok executable running on the local machine enforces authorization, plus the whole path from Amazon to local machine is https. There's no port-opening needed because the tunnel burrows outward to the ngrok cloud service on outbound 443 which is always allowed. The whole thing is a 2-minute setup.

    Just wondering why you never considered this approach for squeeze-alexa? Is it because you use the CLI port 9090 and that traffic wouldn't work across ngrok?
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