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    Only one LMS - it finds that OK, but I do have another squeezelite on the network (which is set to 100% volume fixed) - I'll try the mac address in my script.

    That doesn't work... BUT if I SSH in, do a sudo su and pigs t - it shows that pigpiod is running
    If I then do
    sbpd -M 'my mac address' e,23,24,VOLU
    It WORKS!
    and so does
    sbpd e,23,24,VOLU

    so mac address is a red herring - it just doesn't work from the script

    I think I may simplify my script to emulate exactly what I'm doing at the command line and see if that does it. I'm nearly there!

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    I decided to simplify things completely - it would appear that the script is not starting pigpiod.

    Manually starting pigpiod only, from the shell as root results in the music slowing down, so it's done something to the clock - I recall reading about this somewhere. I think I need to fix this problem before I do anything else.

    Later: - sudo su
    pigs t shows that pigpiod is not being started by my script.
    Manually starting pigpiod -t 0 gets me music at the right speed - progress
    manually starting sbpd e,23,24,VOLU gets me volume control.

    What's not working is doing this automatically at boot, but at least I know it's working.

    A few more re-boots and I then gave up on scripting. I have three startup options so the first one is:
    sudo pigpiod -t 0
    The second one is:
    sleep 10
    I'm in no rush, so giving pigpiod time to get going is fine...
    The third one is:
    sbpd e,23,24,VOLU

    It now works.

    Many, many thanks to all the experts helping a noob get there - slowly. I now really love PiCorePlayer and I think I may build another one for my main system, as I'm currently using Volumio with Squeezelite - but I like the fact I can really get inside PiCorePlayer (and so break it completely!) - keep up the good work!
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