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    Let me look at doing a configuration file for commands.
    That would be great, thank you. This tool has inspired me have a more serious go at integrating a pCP inside my amplifier.

    I've been tweaking my PCB design so that it will connect to the RPi either as a hat (should just about fit inside the official Pi3B case, or remotely via a ribbon cable. When attached directly as a hat, and mounted behind the amplifier front panel, it will also give me a convenient place to mount the RPi inside the enclosure.

    Here's my current draft of the PCB. The idea is that you'd connect each switch to a suitable GPIO pin using the 'GPIO Pins' and 'Switch Pins' pads, either by mounting rows of header pins and using jumper wires, or for a fixed installation they could be connected permanently by soldered flyleads. the prodtruding 'tongue' would carry a ribbon cable connector to allow other devices, such as a DAC, to be daisy-chained, or I might make it a snap-off section so that the whole board fits entirely withing the RPi case.

    And here are a couple of photos of a 3D printed mockup - the buttons will sit a bit higher, on top of the PCB, so should end up just above the top surface of the RPi case.

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