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    It works!

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Webster View Post
    From the error message I guess that you need wiringpi.tcz
    I checked this and got for wiringpi.tcz the same funny thing:
    • Wiringpi.tcz was not listed in the "Installed" tab of extension section.
    • After selection of wiringpi.tcz from piCorePlayer repository in the "Available" tab and click on the "Load" button I got the message:
      wiringpi.tcz is already got alread downloaded.
    • I clicked "Load again but it's only downloaded.
    • Then I installed wiringpi-dev.tcz. This worked successfully and was not downlaoded before.
    • When I try to install wiringpi.tcz again the procedure claims that it's now installed.
    • Furthermore I can see now in the "onboot.lst" tab that wiringpi.tcz seems to be below wiringpi-dev.tcz in the hierarchy.

    I noticed the same issue already for the pigpio.tcz.
    Anyway. This was the problem! It works now! Thank you very much for your help to bring my Sunday evening to an happy ending!

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    the way i got it running with PCP 6.1:

    install: pigpio.tcz
    Install: pcp_sbpd.tcz

    Tweaks-autostart with internal sound:
    sudo pigpiod -t 1;sleep 0.1;sbpd -d -s b,5,POWR
    Tweaks-autostart with DAC-board:
    sudo pigpiod -t 0;sleep 0.1;sbpd -d -s b,5,POWR
    my user command in tweaks:
    sudo pigpiod -t 0;sleep 0.1; sbpd -d -s  e,24,23,VOLU,2 b,25,POWR,2,0,PLAY,300 b,5,NEXT,2,0 b,12,PREV,2,0
    rotary encoder is volume, short press rotary encoder is soft off/on, long press rotary encoder is play/pause
    two buttons for next and previous track

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    This a great plugin thanks to all involved!

    Is there any way it could be tweaked to allow for double press / triple press on buttons in a future update perhaps? Opens up a few more options for those with a limited number buttons e.g. single press (play pause), double press (next track), triple press (prev track)

    Many thanks

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