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    How to play a favorite / preset

    Hi forum,

    as this is my first post here - I would like to thank you all for providing all this great software and ideas!

    I am currently trying to build a kitchen-radio based on piCoreplayer running on a Raspberry PI Zero with a mono amp HAT on it. It really works great so far - and the first steps with piCoreplayer were really easy as everything is really well made and documented.

    My current problem is as following. I successfully installed and configured sbpd to work with 2 rotary encoders for volume and track control.

    As a next step I would like to play 3 radio stations I stored in LMS favorites by pressing a button. I have no clue on how to do this? I saw some of you in this thread are doing this -can you please point me into the right direction?

    I saw in sbpd Github Readme, you can call a SCRIPT by pressing a button - is this the way to go? Or do I need the KEY functionality? How does playing a favorite work? Is this a local command to picoreplayer / squeezelite or is there some API on my LMS I need to talk with? But how? Is there a documentation for it?

    If you have a working example this would be really helpful.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Hi nigl,
    what have you done so far for your rotary encoders?
    Please post the content of your scripts/files.
    Then it should be easy to add the radio buttons for the favourites.

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