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    root permissions / howto issue several commands

    I am currently discovering all this pCP and sbpd stuff, and first of all thanks a lot for that, it really works great !

    As a newbee I have a few questions... First : I am currently launching a script via "Tweaks/User commands" page, which calls sbpd at init. I am just a little puzzled by one comment found in the script mentionned in this thread and apparently reused by many users:
    # load uinput module, then set the permission to group writable, so you 
    # don't need to run sbpd with root permissions
    I don't use jivelite neither uinput, however I get the idea to run sbpd without root permissions. But... what's the use of that, if the script directly calls sbpd ? Commands added in "Tweaks/User commands" are run as root, aren't they?
    I modified the script to run sbpd like this, does it make sense?
    sudo -u tc sbpd ...
    Well, at least sbpd does not run as root any more, and still works like a charm

    Second point: I would like to play a little bit with multi-players sync with my buttons
    The idea when I press a button is to play a favorite, but only on local player: first un-synchronize other players if necessary (the idea is to avoid waking up the kids when starting the kitchen radio)
    I know in this case I have to issue several commands to LMS, and that might be a little tricky. What do you think would be the most straightforward?
    I am currently thinking of launching a script from sbpd. This script would launch a binary in charge of handling the feature. I could probably reuse sbpd source code to implement that part (at least servercomm).
    Would there be an easier path?

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    Quote Originally Posted by guiv View Post
    Would there be an easier path?
    Perhaps easier would be to not use the regular groups in LMS but instead switch to Philippe's dynamic group plugin.
    Then you would play to the dynamic group when you want to drive multiple players at the same time and it would disassemble when the music stops.
    Paul Webster
    Author Radio France (FIP etc) plugin

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