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    All kinds of things you can do with software. This tool was just not written that way.
    piCorePlayer a small player for the Raspberry Pi in RAM.
    Homepage: https://www.picoreplayer.org

    Please donate if you like the piCorePlayer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turner1200 View Post
    For this project, I really want to preserve the outside and interface of the old radio. While this means in principle keeping the non-momentary original switches (buttons), you make we wonder if there is an indirect way to have the non-momentary switches activate a second set of momentary switches on their way to the GPIO pins, maybe through a time delay circuit or relay? I’ll have to do some reading.

    On the software side, I wonder if I could modify the code that monitors the pins to register a button push if a connection is made via my non-momentary button. It could fire after a fixed time delay if the signal is maintained on specified pin. After a longer delay, if there was no further activity, the pin could be reset so it’s not left floating. Any thoughts on which portion of the source code I would need to look at?

    Alternatively, maybe I could take the idea of a delay / second button and execute it in software. Maybe a script that reacts to a change on pin 1, triggered by my mechanical non-momentary switch, and then momentarily flips a second pin on and off on the Pi, which sbpd could interpret as a button push?

    I’ll try and work through a few possibilities and share any results.

    Hello Turner1200,

    i faced the same problem when i wanted to rebuild an old cassette recorder with pcp.
    Last but not least, I used gpiozero and LMSTools to control toggle style switches and rotary encoders.
    This combination works very well with pcp and is relatively easy to implement.
    If you need some advice i can help.


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