And it's clear that you don't either. Web forums are ok
for people who aren't busy or who sit in front of a desk all
day with not very much to do.

Slim Devices has provided a forum. I don't have access to
any fora from work, but I can get all the e-mail I want. I
also download what I don't get to and my car stereo
interfaces with my ipod to play back all my e-mail on my drive
home. Text-to-speech is wonderful. It's hard to download
that sort of stuff from a forum when 1) it's not possible
and 2) I don't have access to it in the first place.

nntp is great for people who like newsreaders. I can't
stand them myself, but it's nice that SlimDan has provided
the forum. My dad - who hates e-mail - is retired, and
he's got all the time he wants to sit in front of a computer
and read it all.


>>> jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net 12/28/2004 2:05:40 PM >>>

Yes, I can surely think of my mother, brother or girlfriend setting up
configuring an NNTP client all on their own without any help. It's
play for any joe 6 pack consumer to configure a newsreader versus
typing in
a web URL and clicking their way through something (it's very clear
some of you just don't get it).

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> I think that they are looking for something that is more accessible
> with broader appeal to the masses than [N]NTP.

That would be a poor decision. Newsreaders offer a far better
interface and
a great deal more flexibility than any web forum interface. I read
mailing list with a newsreader via the mail-to-nntp gateway at,
and it's great!

An ideal web forum would bridge between the web interface and nntp
servers; offers this sort of interface, as do the forums for LUGnet
( This would allow users to
whichever interface they prefer.

-- Lars