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>Sounds like a serious bug and one which new installations/customers
>are likely to encounter.

Nope. I gave my parents my squeezebox about a month ago and my dad,
who's definitely not on the techie side of things, got it up and
after about 10 minutes of downloading the software, installing it and
powering it up. No problems there.

>Has an actively updated document been added to the main download
>page that lists KNOWN PROBLEMS with each release? Why not? I have
>read the release notes and it is not covered there.

Yep. Check the bug tracker. Lots of known problems listed.

>Is solving product bugs by randomly picking a nightly build and

>it works for the next year a viable support strategy? I have to

>this install this morning.

If you stay on a nightly build for a year, shame on you, or you lucked

out. If you have problems with a stable release, contact Slim Devices

directly. This is not the place to ask about "official" support from

>Is there a QA suite that the nightly's go through?

Sean has answered this numerous times. Yes, there is a set
of QA steps a release goes through prior to release as the latest
stable version.

>I have asked in the past whether there are any metrics of nightly
>build quality that can be used when choosing a build and was told
>there was not.

Not for nightlies. And I don't think there are any projects that
would commit to this.

>I should also add.. On the first big demo/tutorial to my folks, the
>audio output was crackling. Silly me, I just expected it to work. I
>have never, ever heard that on my original slimp3. This install is
>running on a dedicated Linux system (1.2 Ghz Celeron). The hardware
>was my dedicated slimserver system (Gentoo) for six months prior to
>this new install of KNOPPIX. When I checked the server during the
>crackling, it was not scanning the music library at that time.

So you were running Gentoo without problems, went to Knoppix,
and had a problem? And you think slimserver is at fault? Odd.
Crackling...were you doing this over wireless? What format were
the source sound files?

>It is frustrating that the support strategy is still focused on new
>features and not reliability. I had hoped that reliability would
>become a higher priority by now.

There is a focus on the database feature, because that should
clear up a few of the existing problems (dropouts when scanning,
menu going blank when searching sometimes, etc.).

>When will there ever be a bug free (or nearly) release? Why not

>the software to a core reliable branch and a feature branch?

I've been on 5.4.1 for as long as it's been out (my dad just upgraded
about a Monday or so) and haven't had any problems. I was on 5.2.1
before that with no problems that I had run across.

>On my slimserver, I spent time on 5.3.0 and 5.3.1. Both had serious
>problems and I went back to 5.2.1. I had really expected that 5.4.0
>would be more solid.

What do you consider serious problems? If you went back to 5.2.1
you probably know that is also a stable version.

>I suggested a friend buy a squeezebox one year ago. He was badly
>burned by the wireless problems and wasted a bunch of money on
>wireless hardware that was purchased specifically for his squeezebox.
>I wasted countless hours debugging his wireless. The wireless gear

>sits unused as his squeezebox is hardwired. Yet my slimp3 with a
>WET11 worked perfectly in his house.

So tell him to sell the wireless stuff and go buy some powerline
networking stuff next time. Does your friend live in an apartment
complex or some other densely populated area. I tried to get a
friend's squeezebox working over wireless with no luck. It turned
out to be that his wireless phone just killed the signal. He ended
up going wired as well. Sold the wireless stuff and bought a new
5.8 ghz phone. Then he went back to wireless on the SB with
no issues.

>A good friend of mine wrote one of the original slimp3 reviews that
>drove significant sales of the device. He is still a 5.2.1 user and
>after trying 5.3.X deleted it with 'extreme predjudice'. His comment
>on the Squeezebox "Why didn't you buy an original slimp3 on ebay?"

You have access to Slim Devices sales figures? Wow.

>I know about a dozen people who would immediately buy
>squeezeboxes at my recommendation. But I can't hand-hold those
>folks. They expect stuff to 'just work'.

You mean they won't buy any other audio gear (like the squeezebox)
without your recommendation? You sound like you're hand-holding
them with a decision they should be able to make on their own.

>I have another squeezebox and server sitting at home for a friend. I
>really didn't think it would be necessary to extensively QA the

>production release myself in order to set these people up and walk
>away. Their use of the product feature set is extremely limited and
>simple. That the browse music folder option is broken on a new
>install of the latest production release speaks volumes. So a rant

>*entirely* appropriate.

Browse music folder works. Just downloaded the release (5.4.0) and
it worked on both a brand new install on both a windows and
linux box. I had upgraded a 5.3.1 install to 5.4.0 with no problems

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