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    I just made the last connection attempt before bed.

    And was a success.

    I used TextWrangler app and had an error in the wpa_supplicant.conf file name.

    I used these settings:
    And additionally I change country to PL.

    In router keep „WPA2 Personal Key” config

    To sum up - I don't know exactly where the error was, but it works now.

    Thx for All

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    hi dayus,


    Setting up wifi is really easy but a little typo can make the process seem *so confusing* and leads you down so many irrelevant paths.

    For cases where there are no special characters, and the method I use, is to create wpa_supplicant.conf on the boot partition with just 2 lines and boot:

    piCorePlayer does the rest, (hopefully) creating a valid wpa_supplicant.conf

    This has worked for me hundreds of times, but I can never be 100% sure that it will work for all hardware out there.

    I think you had issues with a few typos and/or the quote signs. Even the quotes in the above post are weird!


    EDIT: Can people let me know if this simple 2 line method doesn't work for their network. My network has been the same for 10 years so it maybe a case of me having blinkers on.
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    HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP

    Has anyone used a "HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP" with piCorePlayer? That exact unit is not listed in PCP 6's Squeezelite settings, see the pic attached.
    Any suggestions as to which of the available settings will be the best to try?
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