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    0.4.0 - 03-Jan-2022
    - Restore programme details for Now Playing on all stations

    Had to block generation of URL for cover art for some stations because it looks like RF have left in programme image info but generated link does not work.

    Still some issues to handle for stations where using two different URLs to fetch Now Playing information.

    Have seen a few more occurrences of a programme image getting broken.
    If you see a white square "radio france" in blue and black writing then that is the Radio France fallback error image that they provide when a URL to an image is not right.
    The problem I am seeing it that their data is changing during a programme and switching between a working and a failing image.
    So you will sometimes see the programme icon changing and changing back.

    I hope that this is a temporary issue at their end and is related to whatever changes they were making around the end of the year.

    The problem is visible right now on France Inter.

    I noticed that the UID that they returned, when the cover art resulted in a Radio France logo, was always the same - across all stations.
    So I put something in to ignore that particular UID and it seems to work.
    I zapped the 0.4.0 package to include the change because the original had not yet been picked up by the lmscommunity plugin updater (should happen in about 2 hours from how)
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