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    Quote Originally Posted by soundondisc View Post
    Hi Chris,
    Well here's the website: http://www.radionomy.com/en/radio/Go...andSwing/index but........ I just discovered that your station "Big band land" is actually the same! Surprising! The link that was graciously given to me
    by Paul does work but it's probably a fairly low bitrate. Audio-wise not the best, but was glad to at least have that.
    Do you have the URL for Gotradio Big Band Land at TuneIn? Have tried to locate it on the SBB but i'm not sure the URL has changed from what I had so far.
    It sounds like you're not using or haven't got the TuneIn app. If you haven't got it:

    1. Log into MySqueezebox.com and select App Gallery
    2. Install TuneIn Radio
    3. Restart LMS
    4. TuneIn Radio should now appear under 'My Apps'
    5. Select the link and enter 'gotradio' in the search box. Big Band Land will come up in the search results.

    As I said earlier, you can then save it as a Favorite (heart icon) from the search results page (or the now playing page).

    Incidentally, GotRadio's output is 128 kbps which is the same output as the link Paul gave you.

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    Done all that. Will indeed use TuneIn as my first port of call in the future. Thank you Chris!

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