Hi there,

it has become obvious that more and more podcasts, radio stations etc.
are moving to streaming over HTTPS only. Squeezeboxen fail to play such
resources. I added code to LMS 7.9 to deal with this issue by proxying
the streams through LMS.

But we (Logitech) obviously will not proxy audio data through our
infrastructure. Therefore the proxy trick won't work for mysb.com only

But what about setting up a SSL terminating proxy on a cheap Pi (or
other platform), which could be configured to be used by your players,
even when they are connected to mysb.com? It wouldn't require the user
to run and get used to LMS, he'd still be able to control his players
through mysb.com etc. It would very likely be less painful for a
mysb.com user than switching to LMS.

Does anybody out there have any experience with such a solution? I'd be
tempted to create an addon for piCorePlayer to do this.