Ultimately, it would be nice if Alexa could control Squeezeboxes and play (directly) streams from Amazon Music Unlimited. Nice, but possibly unlikely.

However, what about this as an idea (with apologies if this has been raised / done already)...

What about a plug-in that keeps line-in enabled unless the Squeezebox is used to play something. When playing stops - so there's no sound output - line in is re-enabled. Alexa is then connected via line-in and you can used either.

- simple and spouse-friendly set-up (no fiddling with line-in setting, etc.)
- Alexa and the box can be used to play audio as needed
- Works in conjunction with any IFTTT approach - i.e. "Alexa play..." streams via Alexa through the SB; "Alexa ask Squeezebox to play ..." controls the SB directly.

- relies on Alexa's audio-out (so possibly quality issue if you're that bothered)
- Alexa isn't usable if playing via Squeezebox directly
- Squeezebox needs to be on for Alexa to work

So: not idea, but sounds like a simple way to get Alexa control with Amazon Music Unlimited support. Also a cheap options as it just needs a Dot per Squeezebox. Any obvious flaw in this / opportunity to point out it's already been done...

Thank you,