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Well, I browsed around the 6PR website, and found this page: https://www.6pr.com.au/latest-audio/. It offers a number of podcasts for your approval.

Clicking through the "Perth Live with Oliver Peterson podcasts" link, https://www.6pr.com.au/perth-live-with-oliver-peterson/, takes us to something recognizably provided by omni.fm.

There's a small "Subscribe to Podcasts" button. Click on that to get a drop down offering "Apple Podcasts|RSS Feed".

Copy the link for the "RRS Feed" and you'll get: https://omny.fm/shows/perth-live/playlists/podcast.rss

Enter that podcast link into the LMS Podcast app settings page, and you get (well, I get) a perfectly playable podcast listing.

So I think that's the way you can do it, at least for the shows.

But I find no suitable link to the "6PR Latest podcasts" feed, though. And, when I entered your original URL into the iTunes podcast player, it subscribes happily, but shows no episodes at all. So, feels like a publisher issue to me.
many thanks mrw!! i have got it working as you said so will need to set up every show as a podcast. But I did notice the the 'shows' rss feed are about a week or two old compared with the 'latest-audio' URL, so I guess you are correct its a publisher issue.