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I wonder if anyone can help me. I had an Audiophonics isabre dac knocking about and thought that I would get it connected and running finally. Not done so before. I got the blue light power button from Audiophonics and connected it up. All fine except that the blue light flashes continuously. I know this is the way this thing works, and one not very good solution is to disconnect the led connections. However that means that there is no light at any time, and also that I have to switch off the power feed to turn the thing off.

I found references to the script which is supposed to sort this and also a walk through to download and install it. However the script refers to a repository that does not seem to be available any longer at least to me. When I access the control panel on the web page interface there are two repositories listed for extensions, where the script is supposed to be, but it is not on either of them. I found the list on a page by internet search on the old sourceforge page but not sure how to get that downloaded and onto my device.

Any help would be appreciated. As you can probably tell from the above, my knowledge is fairly limited but I can handle the basics (provided that they are spelled out in the form of an idiots guide)

Have a look over here


It is well worth upgrading to v5.0.1 the procedure is the same