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    Quote Originally Posted by Pommes View Post
    So i just checked again
    On Tidal app Mac i created a playlist with MQA Masters, 2 white and 1 blue led.
    I opened this playlist in LMS and only one white led was lit.

    So, yes, you are right:
    The LMS Tidal app doesn't stream MQA properly.

    Some files in Tidal on LMS will show blue or green leds, but often without any white leds, or just one white led, so something is wrong...
    Yeah correct..Now my squeezebox touch is just used as a digital clock.

    I have Meridian Explorer 2 connected with AudioEnvy's two in one cable to my laptop, and its blue all the time on master tracks.
    That guy above that said 1 out of 100,000 hear a difference has no idea what he is talking about or has to upgrade his speakers or whole system..My wife, as woman have the beast hearing, said wow that record sounds nice..Nope , not records , MQA baby..Now to upgrade my thorens turntable.

    Just feel like there should be something easier then a laptop...Like a app on the phone...Roon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by venaka View Post
    Just feel like there should be something easier then a laptop...Like a app on the phone...Roon?

    You mean, like Audioquest Dragonfly Red running Tidal app over iPhone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by terjehaa View Post
    I also am curious about this....... any hope?
    So far Tidal has only enabled it in the Tidal desktop app for PC and Mac, but I would like to play the MQA albums through my SB Touch
    I also would love to see an updated Tidal plugin with MQA capabilities, at least with unfolded passthrough to capable hardware, if this can be done without license(?)!

    And maybe unfolding of some sort in the plugin for some level of hi-res audio from capable Squeezebox players, if possible, as and idea for a paid add-on possibility to support such development?


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