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    Some Deezer tracks limited to thirty seconds

    This has come up with a few discs on Deezer now.

    Some tracks on a disc will only have thirty seconds of the song.

    For example, when I play "John Groban's Live from the Greek," the song "America" is only thirty seconds.

    Another is Straight No Chaser's disc "With a Twist," the song "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" also plays for just thirty seconds.

    To be clear, the server shows it is only going to play for thirty seconds. It shows it as a thirty second track once it starts playing, but these are longer tracks.

    I've done some googling and found others experiencing 30-second playback but with other devices. Here is a thread about a Phillips device where users are experiencing the same issue:


    I do have a premium account and I'm paid-up.


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    Some Deezer tracks limited to thirty seconds

    > Some tracks on a disc will only have thirty seconds of the song.

    How do you get to those albums?

    The 30s might be the result of trying to play a copy of an album not
    intended for "your" market. Music services have different albums for
    different markets, eg. the ID for an album available in France would be
    different from the one available in the US. If you try to play a
    reference found for the latter, but are living in the former, then this
    could happen.


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    Hi Michael. I just find those albums same way I find all others, browsing for them through the Logitech app on my computer.

    Typically all the songs on a disc will be fine but one of them. I think I may have found a disk with two 30-second songs once.

    I'm in the US, if that matters. I can access the Deezer site via web and play those same discs w/o this problem.

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    Well I can find other people experiencing similar issues w/ Sonos, etc.

    And not much in the way of resolutions.

    Maybe just a huge Deezer bug, I donno.

    I cancelled Deezer and signed up for Napster and though it didn't show any requirements at the mysqueezebox.com site, when I tried to access Napster via the SB interface, I was told I needed a SqueezeBox2 or higher (I'm using an older version of SqueezePlug, don't know if newer versions of SqueezePlug or SqueezeLite would emulate newer SqueezeBox2 models?).

    Anyway, I'd suggest not wasting any time on this, Michael. I did like Deezer and it worked well, except for this 30-second issue.

    I guess I'm going to try the Triode Spotify pluggin again. It didn't work great on my WinXP box (sometimes I'd have to start a dozen different songs playing before it "worked." But maybe that was the WinXP stuff, I don't know. I now run the SqueezeBox server on Win10.

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