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    Quote Originally Posted by castalla View Post
    Sort of works .... music streams show strange glitches where music briefly skips (barely noticeable but still evident even to my clapped out ears!)
    I'm not hearing any skips on my setup.
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    funky and wonderful that this new tech can talk to this old stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by moxbox View Post
    I'm not hearing any skips on my setup.
    I suspect it's my win7 device. I'll try on another device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moxbox View Post

    An example of when you might need SWYH or WaveInput would be when you want to redirect the output of an internet streaming service to LMS, so that it can distribute the stream to the player(s) you choose. Note that if there is a dedicated working plugin for the streaming service you're interested in (e.g., Spotify, Soundcloud) then you're probably better off using that. Chances are the dedicated plugin will provide better sound quality and control via the LMS interface. WaveInput, and SWYH, should be considered a last resort. But as streaming services multiply and evolve, sometimes there may not be a dedicated working LMS plugin, and the SWYH option is good all purpose solution to this.
    You can also use SWYH to stream CDs from your computers CD/DVD player to Squeezeboxes.

    And also stream audio content from any device connected to the line-in socket on your computer, e.g. phones, tablets, vinyl etc..
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