Following discussions in this thread and having built a proof-of-concept as well as figuring out a few issues around security, I'm pleased to announce the start of development proper on an Alexa Skill and companion LMS plug-in that will allow voice control of Squeezebox devices through Amazon Echo.

The ambition is to get a basic set of commands implemented in a robust manner and to get it through Amazon certification in a timely fashion. I'll be following a KISS philosophy - implementing basic playback control facilities initially, the thinking being that complex tasks such as configuring playlists or managing sync groups are probably best done through the LMS UI rather than via voice control. (of course, these features may be added later). The first version will be English only. Again, language support can be added in the future.

This thread will be used to discuss development issues etc. Once we get to release stage, I'll start another thread. If you have thoughts or ideas, please share them here. If you feel you can help with coding, testing, translations etc., send me a PM.

I'll also be blogging regularly on the project homepage - probably the best place to get a clean feed of where the project is at.

Here's to the adventure!