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    [Announce] gdresized-hq - high-quality image resizing for LMS

    LMS transparently resizes images (e.g. album covers) when they are requested by a client (e.g. the Web UI, or a device), and returns a scaled version of the original. The method used, however, is optimized for speed and low memory consumption, and not quality.

    gdresized-hq is modified version of gdresized (part of the LMS distribution, Linux / MacOS only, a small program which runs in the background and waits for requests from LMS to resize an image and writes the result into the LMS image cache), with the following enhancements:

    • uses a higher quality scaling method
    • uses the original image as a source for a series of sizes (when e.g. resizing an 400x400 pixel image to 200, 100, and 50 pixels, LMS converts 400 -> 200, 200 -> 100, 100 -> 50)
    • upscales images (LMS usually only downscales, and lets the client upscale)

    Installation / Usage see the homepage
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