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    TIDAL playing 3/4 of each track when players are synced.


    In addition to this problem http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...Logitech/page5
    I also have a problem with the TIDAL app that only occurs when my two players are synced (receiver and boom).
    Every single track plays fine about 3/4 of the way, and then it skips to the next track.
    When i only play on one of them it plays the entire song.

    Any suggestions on how I solve this?
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    No one have the same problem?
    I feel I have tried everything, but nothing solves the problem.
    I am running 7.9.0 - 1477086729, but it also happend with 7.7.5 (windows 10)
    I have tried to run the server from a more powerful computer, I have tried two different routers, and lots of different setting on the server software.

    No luck...

    The sync option becomes kind of useless when it only plays the first 3/4 of every track...

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    Hi Everyone - it's my first post here.

    Got similar issue with different hardware and software:
    Daphile 16.07 with Tidal 1.2 plugin at HP T4735, wired

    All files from local FTP play ok, but Tidal (premium version) behaviour is very weird. Few hours plays perfect another time usually skips almost all first tracks of album or playlist and all other songs drops 40-15 seconds before the end starting next one.
    Couldn’t reproduce it with single song or by web official interface.
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