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    Kudos to he master

    MSB seems back in the land of the living.

    Thanks a million.
    Touch, Logitech Radio, Logitech UE Radio, O2 Joggler + SqpOS
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    Sweden (only country where the clouds are interesting)
    Yep! Works for me here in Sweden. Great!
    // OppfinnarJocke
    SqueezeBox Duet, Controller FW 7.7.3 r16662, Player FW 77
    Main use: Deezer and Radio Paradise through MySB.com

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    Thank you, michael!!!

    ... and however was / is involved to get everything (esp Spotify availability....) up & running again!

    It's really great how you keep it up & running (and still improving it as well!!) for all of us!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    And ingore the boneheads in various threads who just complain and are all gloom and doom.

    The big majority of this community is very thankfull for all you are doing for us.

    All the best,
    My system:
    LMS 7.9 on modded Open Peak Joggler running Roobarbs SqueezePlay OS.
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    5 x Squeezebox Classic
    1 x Controller
    2 x Squeeze Commander (on 2 rooted Nook Touch e-reader)
    X x Squeezeplay & Jivelites on various PC's & Laptops

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