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    Quote Originally Posted by klingborg View Post
    > Nonsense, you can run LMS for your local music and Radio stations without mySqueezebox.com.
    > All Squeezeboxes will continue to work if you have a local LMS server. Spotify & > Deezer etc won't work but radio will.
    > Well, as mentioned already by others, LMS doesn't need MSB.com at all.

    Ok, got it. Never personally tried LMS as I never needed it.

    > Why on the router?

    To have one less piece of hardware running and consuming and one less plug in the wall (the router's USB does only give 0.5W).
    And because my router is capable of having additional packages installed, run Perl etc.

    > What happens, if you get a new one?

    I will surely buy another one that can run OpenWrt.

    > With a Pi for $5 you just plug it back into the new router.

    I don't want to have another (ok, low consumption -but still) piece of hardware running 24/7 as I already have my router running 24/7.

    > But I do understand that fiddling with RPis and Linux is not for everyone.

    That is not my problem. I do actually own a Pi already, but it's designated to other purposes.
    I compiled OpenWrt myself and installed it on my router.
    I do fiddle.

    As it stands now, the best option is to trying to make LMS work on OpenWrt following the instructions for other Linux distributions. In absence of pre-compiled package, I am afraid this project will have to wait at least until Christmas vacations.
    If you succeed let us know.
    I have OpenWRT installed on a Pi which has wifi WAN and built in PPTP connection.
    With squeezelite it would make a great remote portable player but I haven't tried to install squeezelite (yet).
    VB2.4 storage QNAP TS419p (NFS)
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    Dining Room -> SB Boom
    Kitchen -> UE Radio (upgraded to SB Radio)
    Bedroom (Bedside) - Pi2+DAC ->ToppingTP21 ->AKG Headphones
    Bedroom (TV) - SB Touch ->Sherwood AVR ->Mordaunt Short M10s
    Everything controlled by iPeng

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    > If you succeed let us know.

    I will. But don't hold your breath

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mardler View Post
    Btw, once mysqueezebox.com is down LMS won't see your device.
    No. Incorrect. I've used all my players connected to LMS even when mysb.com is down.
    Home: VortexBox 4TB (2.4) > LMS 7.9.1 > Transporter, Touch, Boom, Radio (all ethernet)
    Cottage: VBA 3TB (2.4) > LMS 7.9.1 > Touch > Benchmark DAC I, Boom, Radio w/Battery (all ethernet except Radio)
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    Spares: Transporter, Touch(3), Radio(3), Boom, SB3, CONTROLLER
    Controllers: iPhone6 & iPadAir2 (iPeng & Squeezepad), CONTROLLER, or SqueezePlay 7.8 on Win10(64) laptop
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