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    Quote Originally Posted by muggo View Post
    Any clues in this log Roland?
    No, nothing unusual in it - which means that it's not the USB connection which is at fault.
    Next step is to check the logs including the relevant time in /var/log (syslog, messages, daemon.log, kern.log etc.).

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    We have a Dell server running Centos that does this. It appears to be after an extended period of use when the server will simply refuse to recognise the dismounted USB drive again until it has been rebooted.
    We have another identical Dell running the same version of Centos which uses the same brand of HD in the same brand of USB caddy where everything is fine.
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    This is curious, especially after the last 2 posts.
    It seems to be behaving itself at the moment so I may just leave it.
    Max2Play appears to be another option but I'm not sure it would help as it appears to be h/w related & not Squeeze s/w at fault.
    Or is it?

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    I think this might be the issue:
    Nov 6 11:16:33 localhost kernel: [97266.240322] Buffer I/O error on device sda1, logical block 18174271

    Found it in kern log.

    Google suggests it may be a problem with drive controller or drive itself & nothing to do with SB s/w.
    Drive SMART data shows no problems so perhaps it's the drive controller.
    I have another external disk cabinet & controller so I'll swap the drive into this, see what happens & report back.

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    SMART health/short tests don't always detect issues. If the disk is damaged and read or writes fail repeatedly, the OS will try to reset the drive, and this in turn probably causes the USB bus and the mount to disappear.
    If you do not have a backup, I would advise to make a copy of the data on that drive without delay.
    There is possibly a part of the drive that won't read, making a bulk copy operation fail or stall. It's probably safer to attend the process and try to backup the most important files first.
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    This can easily be anything in the chain from a marginal slow to respond drive through failing PSU and USB bridge and bad USB cables or over long cables to bad USB controller on the host. Assuming sda is your USB drive and not your boot drive.

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    I copied all my music onto another hard drive & remounted.
    It has now gone 7 days since & the system still works.
    Although SMART reported no errors, it seems it was faulty after all.
    Many thanks to all who tried to help.


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