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    I have an Onkyo in my Living Room and the music is on a NAS elsewhere.
    I use a homeplug adapter and have a small switch behind the TV.
    I have an SB3 connected on both digital and analogue (the latter for Zone 2). All outputs on an SB3 or Touch are ON simultaneously.
    I also have an Amazon Fire TV connected to the Onkyo on HDMI and have SB Player installed. I don't use it though as it only does 16/44.1.
    I also have an old O2 Joggler running SqueezeOS which is synced to the SB3 and I use it as a control point. It has a never live analogue connection to the Onkyo which is to mute the onboard speakers.
    I may change the SB3 for a Pi + DAC in due course.
    Does this help explain your options?

    SB Player is one of the few authorised apps for the FireTV.
    For control I use iPeng on an iThingy. It completes the system. There are Android alternatives.
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