Jack Coates wrote:
I've shown and described the Squeezebox to several friends, some of whom
have bought and some of whom haven't. I'm not going to bother trying to
convince someone, though I certainly share my opinion if asked. To me
it's a no-brainer, but then my criteria are different than other
people's. For instance, a good friend of mine ended up passing on the
Squeezebox because it had no video support, a criterion that is
meaningless to me (we don't even have a TV, much less any need for video

Tell 'em how much you like yours, then let them make their own decision.
If they make a bad one, it's their own fault for ignoring your sage

Thanks Jack,
I'm not trying to convince them, just advise them. I'd love for them to get the SB but, like you say, they are both adult enough (I wonder about that sometimes though!) to make their own decisions.
Neither are interested in video streaming.
I suppose I just want to know what makes the SB the thing to have to our community.

Its only a light hearted post, mind!



Whatever you Wanadoo:

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