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    Yes, if irw doesn't show mulitple keypresses then that layer is not likely the issue.

    You can use a usb keyboard and IR with jivelite and the same time. You may have to reboot pcp before jivelite recognizes the keyboard when you first plug it in.

    If you still experience the repeated keys with a keyboard, disable lirc from the tweaks page, reboot and try again. If you've modified the lircd.conf, may sure you have a copy before you disable lirc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutant_matt View Post
    Hijacking this thread as it looks like a good place to continue the discussion without creating another thread.

    I've got pcp4 on a Pi3 B+ with the 7" screen, the 38 kHz TSOP4838 and the standard LIRC setup using a standard Squeezebox remote (currently using standard audio out, no DAC, no LMS, no "special" settings).

    Using IRW I can see that each button press is a single event, but sometimes, Jivelite seems to act like loads of button presses took place. I can turn Jivelite off reliably using the power button (power toggle), but a single press (shown in IRW) turns it on and straight back off again (you can work round this by using pretty much any other button to turn it back on again). (ů)
    I took the liberty of opening another thread with seemingly the same problem as mutant_matt's.

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