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    In praise of the Controller

    I've essentially switched all control to my Android mobile apps (Squeeze Cntrl usually). But on Monday during football games when I look to turn off the tv audio and listen to music while watching the game, I discovered that my mobile had run out of juice. Was on my way to get my Surface to use the Win10 control app when I remembered that RIGHT THERE I had a Controller sitting in its cradle, unused for a year or so. Sure enough, fired right up. Well, not "right up". After its interminable wake-up it was prepared to do duty.

    And it worked very well. The interface is functional and elegant, and it continues to do everything it's supposed to.

    I did find some minor irritations:

    • To turn it on you have to hit the "home" button, something it took me 15 or 20 seconds to remember. The design is old enough that it doesn't use the now-standard power button labeling.
    • Start-up takes a long time, as I remembered. Probably not appreciably longer than start-up on an Android mobile, though. The difference is that the phone is always on.
    • You have to remember the color coding of things like the wifi indicator. Took me a while to realize that red meant no device was selected, or that the selected device wasn't available. I remembered that I'd swapped out the Receiver for a Touch at this location some time ago, and probably hadn't used the Controller since than. It was looking for the Receiver and couldn't find it.
    • Battery life is not what it could be. It was draining towards empty after three hours off the cradle. Of course, being IN the cradle for a year without an empty/recharge cycle probably has damaged battery life.

    I won't be going back to the Controller for regular use, but nice to have it at hand.
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    Boom 2 (WiFi) - various (deck, garage, etc.)
    Radio (WiFi) - home office
    Control - Squeeze Control (Android mobile), 2 Controllers (seldom used), Squeeze Remote (on Surface Pro 4)
    Touch x 1 - spare
    UE Radio x 1 - spare
    Boom x 1 - spare
    Controller x 1 - Spare
    Duet Receiver (backup)

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    The home button on my controller has the correct symbol for on/off inscribed on it. You have to be wearing your good eyeglasses though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swiftie View Post
    The home button on my controller has the correct symbol for on/off inscribed on it. You have to be wearing your good eyeglasses though.
    Good grief, I've never noticed that all the time I've had my Duet/Contoller!

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