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    I like the original idea. I've considered it and how to implement it years ago going as far as writing a script for my old Music DAM software that utilized a thesaurus.

    In actual use, I didn't find it very useful because in LMS and others I ended up with something like the 500 genres described. What I really wanted was to utilize the hierarchy rather than just a bunch of genres.

    So, I then went about creating a "Style" tag, which serves as a sub-genre. All my files now have a Genre and Style tag. My library has about 40 Genres, some files have multiple Genres, like the odd-ball music that can be classified as Blues or Rock.

    The Style tag then has sub-genres much like the examples described earlier in this thread... e.g. Hard-Bop, Electric-Blues, Alternative-Rock, Free-Jazz, etc.

    In LMS, I then use the Custom-Scan and Custom-Menu plugins (Erland's) to create a menu that allows me to browse: Genre/Style/....

    As well as an option that lets me browse by Style only.

    I also use the Dynamic Playlist plugin to create playlists by style or genre.

    It's all a little more fluid and usable.

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    Well, I'm not sure that would do what I want. Getting the taxonomies right is one thing (using nested genres, or styles), but auto-populating higher level categories is what I was looking for. Specifying "Chicago Blues" would automatically populate higher-level categories. So it would appear in a genre-search in genres like "Blues" and "Electric Blues" and "Urban Blues". By only entering one value.

    I don't have any illusion that this will actually happen, but you never know.

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