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    Squeezeboxes cannot login to SqueezeNetwork - IPv6 problem?


    for some weeks now, my squeezboxes cannot play music from the Deezer app or any radio station anymore. I has worked without problems before. I always get error messages like this:
    Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::_error (596) Unable to login to SN: Connect timed out: Transport endpoint is not connected
    My internet connection (Unitymedia in Germany) does not provide me with a true IPv4 address, but uses Dual-Stack Lite to support multiple customers with individual IPv6 addresses behind one IPv4 address. I notized that I cannot reach www.mysqueezebox.com through IPv6, "ping www.mysqueezbox.com -6" on Windows fails (IPv4 works). Could this be related? Could anyone on a similar connection (DS-Lite or pure IPv6) check if they can reach www.mysqueezebox.com through IPv6?



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    in the mean time, I have also tested this from work. I cannot reach www.mysqueezebox.com through IPv6 from there either. Is IPv6 really not supported at all?



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    IPv6 is optional for DNS servers at this stage i.e. My Squeezebox.com does not need to have one.
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