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    Justboom DAC and amp HATS


    Just saw these being advertised by pi - supply. Looks like an interesting range.

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    Agreed - interesting.

    Nice that they are implemented as hat. Makes tight packaging of the final unit possible.

    I wonder how good they sound.

    Has anyone tried these? How do they compare to the other RPi DAC options?

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    Hi guys,
    We actually had great experiences with the JustBoom devices. So good that we immediately added them to our repertoire of sound cards we support and to our shop. The great feature that also sets them apart from the other manufacturers is their ability to combine different cards with HAT's. E.g. the DAC HAT can have one of their normal Amp's just stacked on top and immediately works without even having to change anything: https://www.justboom.co/product-guide/

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