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    URL Request for a few streams :) TRANSPORTER (absoluteradio.co.uk)

    Ive got a transporter...
    and yes im OUTSIDE of the GEO Location for the below stations...
    These URL's have worked for years so im not sure if they have changed or hopefully someone would be kind enough to get me a few new stream URL's for my transporter... (Please put in the appropriate period's into the URL ... everywhere a SPACE is put in a period)(system wont let me post a lnk ;(... )

    the OLD Ones were: Just these 4 haha I dont ask for much lol ;(
    (absoluteradio co uk) Main station:
    stream absoluteradio gslb liquidcompass net/ABSOLUTERADIOIRMP3

    (absoluteradio co uk 80's)
    stream absoluteradio gslb liquidcompass net/ABSOLUTE80SIRMP3

    (absoluteradio co uk 70's)
    stream absoluteradio gslb liquidcompass net/ABSOLUTE70SIRMP3[/url]

    (absoluteradio co uk 60's)
    stream absoluteradio gslb liquidcompass net/ABSOLUTE60SIRMP3[/url]

    Id be super appreciative if someone could help My apologies if I have mis-posted in the wrong forum area as I couldn't find a TRANSPORTER section anymore ;(

    *** OR if someone can get me the MP3 STREAM URL from: (for the 3 stations...)(of course that will work on my transporter) ***
    absolute80s.radio net
    absolute70s.radio net
    absolute60s.radio net

    I am in the USA and these USED to work on my transporter up till a few days ago Id really appreciate it if someone can help
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