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    Source folder will not change

    Hi, On the Settings page, under Basic Settings - Media Folders, when I try and change this to point to where my Music is (on the same physical internal drive btw), it reverts back, within seconds or when I click Apply, to the previous place. My music is stored on a drive that's partitioned into 3 - D, E and F. Music is on D, but when I change this from the current E, to D, it reverts back again to E. I can change the location of where the 'Playlist' folder is, but not the actual partition where the music lives! Any ideas anyone - PLEASE? I'm not a numpty, and have tried many things, including un then re-installing LMS (from an old[ish] 7.5.0 to 7.8.0), without effect.

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    Is your library at D:\ or in a folder such as D:\MUSIC? If the former that may confuse LMS.

    BTW, as long as you are messing with other versions of LMS move up to 7.9. It's the shizzle!
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    try at least 7.8.1 or better 7.9.

    How do you start lms?
    What OS seems to be windows - but what exact version?

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    That's usually an indication that LMS can't access the folder path. Are you typing in the path, or are you using the "Browse" button? Try using the Browse button, if you're not already.

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