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    Boom crashes on OGG audio

    My Squeezebox Boom reproducibly crashes on certain OGG audio files, while my Squeezebox Radio plays them just fine. The OGG files I encoded myself. And it's not all OGG files, just some. I have no clue what causes the crash. The display gets distorted and starts to blink. I think it sometimes shows an error message. Something like "bad vorbis header".
    Any recommendations how to debug or fix this?

    SBB Firmware: 57
    Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.0 - 1470553729

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    I'm not famniliair with Ogg vorbis but as a general problem with encoding issues I would do the following.

    A workaround would be to disable native Ogg Vorbis in WebUI Settings/Advaned/File Types and see if problem persists.
    If problem persists then your stream is badly encoded and since IIRC sox is used to transcode Ogg Vorbis - you can use sox alone from a command prompt to identify the problem. If problem goes away then issue is in Boom firmware and it is unlikely to be fixed as not much updating of Boom firmware is done..

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    Thanks @bpa.
    When I had LMS transcode the files it always worked. And since the same files play fine on my SB Radio, I also assumed that the cause is a bug or shortcoming of Boom's firmware.

    Anyway, I found a fix! Strangely though, I still don't know what actually causes Boom to crash.

    I had a look at the files with `ogginfo` and found that the files that make Boom crash have tags with mixed upper and lower case characters. For example:
    $ ogginfo 01__la_lega.ogg
    Processing file "01__la_lega.ogg"...
    New logical stream (#1, serial: 0f769573): type vorbis
    Vorbis headers parsed for stream 1, information follows...
    Version: 0
    Vendor: Lavf54.20.4
    Channels: 2
    Rate: 44100
    Nominal bitrate: 192.000000 kb/s
    Upper bitrate not set
    Lower bitrate not set
    User comments section follows...
    	title=La Lega
    	artist=Italian Partisans
    Once I used EasyTag to change and hence rewrite the tags, Boom can handle the files. `ogginfo`'s output afterwards:
    User comments section follows...
    	TITLE=La Lega
    	ARTIST=Italian Partisans
    I am not sure whether really the fact that mixed case tags were used was the cause. It could be some other problem that happens to get resolved when I rewrite the tags.

    But at least I can play my files now again natively with ogg! :-)

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    I am trying to find a pattern in what files make my Boom crash and which ones play fine. Contrary to the one example above which had lower case comment tags but no METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE all other files I found had the usual upper case comments but also an image. Just rewriting the tags was not enough here, but removing the image did the trick, repeatedly.

    Now I see that someone had reported the same back in 2011:
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    You may find several old treads , embedded cover art over some size ( I don't know the hard limit here ) can crash the ogg decoder in all older squeezeboxes sb2,3 boom et all .
    One workaround can be to have the cover art as file in the album folder not embedded , or just use Flac . Or decode on the server.
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