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    Just curious... What's the make and model number of that PSU?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fizbin View Post
    Just curious... What's the make and model number of that PSU?
    Mean Well PS-15-5, 2.8A@5V; I got it from Distrelec. As the terminals are different, I got a couple of crimp contacts, SVH-21T-P1.1, which I soldered onto the wire ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkadi58 View Post
    I got a comparable PS from a local source; the size is different, so the result is not that pretty, but an immediate success.
    Attachment 22124
    Here is a picture of the old PS; there are some signs of heat damage, right opposite the voltage regulator.
    Attachment 22125
    Glad it was the fix. The symptoms were classic.

    Point of interest is that in switchmode power supplies like this, there is usually no single voltage regulator. Most of the active parts are inside a feedback loop that couples back to the power line side with an opto-isolator.

    The slippery slope to failure usually starts with a slowly partially failing electrolytic cap or transistor. its internal resistance increases a little at a time. The power supply may still measure OK with no load, but in use, some voltage output is well below spec.

    For example, the spec for 5 volts is on the order of 4.75 volts minimum. So the 3-ish volts that was observed was solidly in failure territory. Given the low costs and possibility of multiple degraded components, a total replace makes a ton of sense.

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