I use DSTM with the MusicIP option. The way I tend to listen is to "seed" DSTM/MusicIP with a single track (eg. a single Miles Davis track sets up a Jazz playlist, a Bob Marley track sets up a Reggae playlist etc..). This works well in almost all scenarios except one...

I have about 20 Johnny Cash albums all under the genre "Country". I have no other "Country" artists. The problem I encounter is seeding DSTM/MusicIP with a Johnny Cash track plays a single Johnny Cash track but then goes onto random song mix (ie. any genre/artist). I think DTSM and MusicIP are doing what they should given the settings (and the problem is there is only one artist in the selected genre - therefore MusicIP doesn't return a Mix and DSTM defaults to Songmix).

In the above scenario, I would prefer DTSM to default to Songmix (limited to current genre). This would then effectively shuffle the seed artist (without having to change configs).

Is that possible, or are there any suggestions as to how better configure to cope with this scenario?

Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance.