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    Need Power Adapter for Receiver, can't find one anywhere....

    I'm perplexed, I've never had this much trouble before.

    One of my receivers' power adapters went last month, and I've tried many times to get a replacement adapter with zero luck. I know the unit is fine, works with my working power adapter, so no problems there. Just need a new adapter.

    I've tried multiple listings on amazon that say they are compatible:



    Neither of these actually fit, receiver won't turn on.

    I ordered one on ebay:


    Only to find out they don't really have the item and they cancelled it.

    Am I out of luck?

    Where can I find the right adapter for this?
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    Welp, suppose I spoke too soon. Logitech's support website sells them direct.
    1 Touch
    2 Receivers
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    2 Radios

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    How can you tell if power adapter is shot

    My sb receiver just seems to have died and was wondering what signs you had when yours didn't work. It's been working fine for years but today it disappeared from ipeng. So I went and looked at it and all the lights (front indicator and Ethernet) were out so I unplugged it for a few minutes. Plugged it back in and I can here a little humming noise and I can see a light coming out of the spdif port, but that's it. Is this similar to what you found?

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    My Power Supply died as well

    So, my power supply recently died on my Duet receiver as well. I was able to test that it was not the device because I have a Logitech TV remote has a similarly sized power supply (not the correct power, though). The remote's power supply did start up the Duet receiver long enough to configure it. But, as soon as it started playing, it would shut down. I assume because it was being underpowered.

    I bought a replacement on ebay, but it was the wrong sized connector.

    Does anyone have the actual specs for the original power supply?

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    The original PSU for the receiver was a Phihong PSA050R-090 (9V 0.56A)

    The data sheet ( http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/323/PSA05R-2481.pdf ) or the LMS wiki gives the barrel connector dimension as 5.5mm OD 2.1mm ID. Centre positive

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    The cord for my old Logitech harmony remote charger stand worked for me

    I seen a bunch of psu's advertised as replacements for the squeezebox receiver on Amazon and I was about to order one. However before I did I managed to find that my old psu for a Logitech harmony remote charger stand matched similar specs to the ones listed on Amazon. Also comparing the shape and size of the barrel to the original psu I couldn't see any difference. The only difference I could see was that the original psu was 9v vs. 5 for the ones on Amazon, and 5-7 for my harmony one. So I decided to give it a try and it worked, and has been working for over a week now with no issues. I'm so glad that was the only issue and I got it working with an old cord I may have thrown away. Whew!
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