I have a big problem. Yesterday, i reboot my Odroid with 3.2 TouchScreen and Jivelite does not want to appear on my touchscreen. Jivelite process is ok :

root@SqueezeSdB:/opt# ps -fax | grep jivelite
4773 pts/1 S+ 0:00 \_ grep –color=auto jivelite
3771 ? S 0:00 sudo -u odroid -H /opt/jivelite/jivelite/bin/jivelite
3780 ? Sl 0:02 \_ /opt/jivelite/jivelite/bin/jivelite

My distrib is Max2Play with Odroid C1+ img. Everything worked fine before. But, i wanted to remove some apps which i don’t care : firefox, kodi, abiword, gnumeric, simple-scan… and after reboot, i have only lxde desktop on my touchscreen. Squeezelite works, i can use it with browser but no Jivelite.

I reinstalled Jivelite, resetting settings, get app from source, reboot… but nothing

How to tell to Jivelite to appear on Touchscreen ?

Thanks a lot !