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    I've said this in some previous threads: I see exactly the same thing. The Radio screen saver is often not in its proper state. I don't think the Radio's firmware was ever completely debugged, and it never will be, since nobody is doing any further work on it.

    Could also be some overlooked issues with the whole SlimProto protocol not being quite as robust as it might be. Again, that will never be fixed. The other night I noticed that my silent Transporter was showing the VU meters on the 2nd screen, but the BlankSaver should have made that screen dark. Just had to start/stop a song to set it back to dark.

    We just have to live with those quirks now.

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    Occasionally I see one of my Radios or my Touch rebooting itself for no obvious reason. Happens (always?) from stand-by (clock) screen, so afterwards the device is on...

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    Hi, sorry for another bump after a long while.

    I've just had this with my radio last night. The power on setting is already set so it doesn't auto play yet the radio turned on and started playing in the middle of the night, it's my alarm so I can't move it to another room.

    Radio is wired and no internet connection just local server running on a Pi.

    Going to try the reboot of server and radio but no one confirmed this fully fixing it.

    Has there been a more permanent fix I've not found yet?

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    Not a fix but an explanation why it happens, and a prediction then it going to do it next time https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...ous-turning-on
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