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    Music cuts in and out using Squeezecenter

    I've had a transporter, SB3 and duet running off squeezecenter. I have used both the duet remote and my apple laptop to control the music for about 2-3 weeks with only a couple installation problems. My wireless router is the latest airport extreme. Today, after 2-3 weeks, something has happened to my network. On the duet remote, it shows my network signal strength as being very low. The music when played through the transporter, SB3 and the duet cuts in and out all the time so now I can't listen to it. I have tried reinstalling SC (current supported release), I have reset the duet, and rebooted my dsl modem and my airport extreme. I have not made changes during this time that would have caused this problem to suddenly appear today.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get things working right again. Thank you.

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    I seem to have fixed my problem... at least so far.

    After resetting the SB3, duet and transporter to original settings and "rediscovering" the network, etc did not fix the problem I went to Apple's airport utility and went through the complete installation process for the airport extreme. As I mentioned in my prior post, unplugging/replugging the dsl modem and the airport did not fix the problem.

    The SB3, duet and transporter seem to be working normally now which is good.

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