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    Alsaequal on Squeezebox Touch

    A Raspberry Pi with piCorePlayer can run Alsaequal. The Squeezebox Touch runs Linux. Triode already proved that it is possible to run a custom kernel on the Touch (check the Enhanced Digital Output app). Would it be possible to add Alsaequal (or an other equalizer) to the Touch?

    My SB Touch is connected to active speakers and there is no eq on the speakers or the Touch. I know that there's a room eq plugin for LMS, but my LMS runs on a NAS (DS214play) and this NAS is not powerful enough to run the room eq plugin. An eq on the Touch would be a great solution for me, only 2 problems:

    - Can it be done?
    - I'm not a software dev: is there anyone who has enough knowledge and time to develop such an eq app that runs on the Touch?

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    Factor in the very slow CPU and tiny memory of the Touch ? an EQ has not that much lower cpu demands than room correction .

    Maybe a Picore or mx2play raspi ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kefkekeyser View Post
    - I'm not a software dev: is there anyone who has enough knowledge and time to develop such an eq app that runs on the Touch?
    I think Triode was the only one who invested time to do so to do kernel work. IIRC the build enviroment is very picky and since it is a custom build it would need help from Logitech (aka Michael) to get all the necessary files. IIRC Triode also had a headstart since he was involved with Touch during development phase.

    Since Touch is no longer produced and some units are now showing signs of age. If anybody was going to invest time in an adding equalisation (or any sort of kernel work) I think they would start with a newer system say a Pi/Odroid with Touch Screen which has more power, better support and more 3rd party resources to draw on.

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