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    Compilation and Various Artists -- Strange Definition of Compilation in LMS

    It seems the definition of a „compilation“ in LMS 7.8 is uncommon.

    Wikipedia says:
    A compilation album comprises tracks which are compiled from other recordings, usually previously released, but sometimes unreleased. The tracks may be from one or several performers; if from several performers there may be a theme.
    In other words, a CD with several sessions from one artist is a compilation. This is also how I understand the term.
    This is also how many databases interpret the tag.

    LMS defines it differently:
    If a file has explicit 'COMP=1' tags the server recognizes, it will ALWAYS be classified as a comp/VA album.
    according to the Wiki

    As a result, compilations from one artist are shown under “Various Artists”.

    Artist=”Miles Davis” (for all tracks)
    Album=”Birth of the Cool”
    Album Artist=”Miles Davis” (for all tracks)

    The tags come directly from Allmusic.com, tagged with CDPowerAmp. I think the tags are correct, as this album represents three recording sessions of this particular style “Cool Jazz” from Miles Davis.

    This album is shown under Various Artists in LMS which in my eyes is wrong.

    Surprisingly, many “best of” albums I have are not tagged as compilations by Allmusic.Com. No clue what the logic from AllMusic is. Some of the single-artist albums which I recently tagged that have Compilation=1 are: Johnny Griffin: Big Soul Band; Congregation, Johnny Griffin Sextet, the little Giant. Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Experience. Not affected (no Compilation tag) are Marvin Gaye: What’s Going on. Rolling Stones: 40 Licks.

    I know I can control displaying compilations with the “Group Compilations” setting, but if I change this, I would end up with all 1-Hit-Wonders in the list of artists, which is definitely not what I want.

    I could manually move all affected “Compilation” tags to a proprietary “Compilation_one_artist” tag, but is this really necessary?

    The desired behavior is: If Compilation=1 and Album Artist not empty, then show album under Album Artist and not under Various Artists. Can this be set somehow?

    Any comments on this behavior? I have searched the forum and found multiple threads regarding compilation but no thread related to this particular issue.
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    i dont trust nobody who tags Files.

    I always check the Tags before i update my Library.

    Some wrote Martin L. Gore into Composertag, some M. Gore, some others Martin Gore - its always the same Guy so i always use "my" Type of Name for this Contributor.

    And others like me would like to see even the one Hit Wonders Artists in the ArtistmenŘ, cause they are Artist(s) in the Library.

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    Compilation and Various Artists --Strange Definition of Compilation in LMS

    > Any comments on this behavior?

    Yes: don't set the compilation flag on albums you don't want to be
    listed in Various Artists. The definitions you cited lack the definition
    of what the compilation flag in the various tagging systems is supposed
    to represent. I doubt there's a norm. And as you said: AllMusic isn't a
    reliable reference.

    Just use that tag the way you want it to work. Don't rely on other data



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    I can certainly understand the logic behind calling that type of album a compilation. And I've seen how All Music uses the designation, which makes some sense. In their interface you can view an artist's non-compilation albums, or their compilation albums, or both together. This is nice for artists who've had dozens of different compilation albums released. Think Frank Sinatra.

    I just tested it out in LMS 7.9. The behavior is a little screwy/inconsistent (which is common with LMS). I marked several "Best of" albums with a COMPILATION=1 tag and ALBUMARTIST tags. These compilations _do_ correctly appear under the artist's name when browsing by artist. And when browsing by album and sorting by artist name, they appear in the proper place, sorted by the album artiist's name.

    The bug, or inconsistency appears when viewing the albums of Various Artists, where that album is incorrectly listed.

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    I always delete Compilation tags for just this reason.
    I also never tag AlbumArtist as "Various Artists"
    So my copy of Birth of the Cool only appears under Miles Davis - this is ok but could be improved.
    My Uncut cover CDs as an example appear under Various Artists and also under the track artist as LMS recognises albums with multiple artists but no AlbumArtist as compilations even without the compilations tag.
    Returning to Miles Davis. Ideally the album listing under Miles should be sub divided by Studio, Live & Compilation then listed chronologically by release date then sub sorted by month of release. Unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world.
    I will live with what I have.
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